Counter Strike: Global Offensive(CS:GO) is an objective-based multiplayer first-person shooter. Players play as either the Terrorists or Counter Terrorists competing against each other to gain appropriate objectives to win.

As a Counter Strike player myself, I’ve interacted with the Interface thousands of times. It’s out-dated, ugly, and at times unusable. One key problem I have with the interface is when I first started playing, the interface confused me. There’s a lot of guess work when deciding which options to choose for gameplay. This is especially confusing when selecting maps and game modes.

While redesigning the Counter Strike User Interface, I focused on making the experience for new users smooth and fluid. At the same time I kept in mind the veteran users who are familiar with the UI. Knowing this I didn’t make drastic changes that would throw them off. First I realized that the full real estate of the screen wasn’t being utilized so I made it full screen. I rearranged the current content layout to showcase important information front and center. I used a modular layout so that different sections can be swapped out for more pressing info the user might like to know such as the Overwatch cases or perhaps a matchmaking ban cooldown. The visual updates are more of an added value, making the interface feel more modern.


  • Personal Project
  • UI Redesign

Project Goal

  • Improve the usability and visuals of the interface.

Counter Strike Global Offensive User Interface Mockup

Old Interface

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Old Interface

Redesigned Interface

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Redesigned Interface

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