Skyspecs is a startup in Ann Arbor, MI whose technology eliminates the need to be a skilled drone pilot making data collection easier than ever before.

The goal of the project was to design a web presence that educates investors and customers of the benefits of Skyspecs’ technology. To do so, we highlighted the hardware and it’s functionality right away on the home page. We also wanted to position Skyspecs as thought leaders in the industry by providing a resource center where people can learn more about drones.


  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Website Design

Project Goal

  • Educate investors on how Skyspecs’ technology can benefit them.


Skyspecs White Macbook Home Mockup

Style Guide

Sksypecs Style Guide Design

Skyspecs Home Page Wireframe

Home Concept 1

I wanted the first concept I designed to feel organic and human in contrast to the robotic nature of drones. That way visitors would feel that with Skyspecs, drones are becoming more human-friendly. To achieve this I used watercolor textures throughout the site creating organic edges.

The hero section contains a quick message that communicates what Sksypecs does and an overview of the content on the page which can be clicked to jump to the specific section. I also show the functionality of the technology in action by placing drones flying through a tight space represented by the square. This shape is also used throughout the rest of the design.

Skyspecs Home Page Design

Home Concept 2

Although I was confident with the execution of the first concept, the client was not. We decided that the aesthetics weren’t targeted towards investors and that it was too relaxed. The design felt that it was more customer facing which isn’t what they were looking for. They wanted to see more of a corporate and serious look. With this in mind I went back and made some changes such as removing the watercolor effect, creating straight lines and using less colors.

Skyspec Home Page Design Version 2

About Page

Skyspecs About Page Design

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